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What we do



Are you looking to add new LED lighting to your ride?

Need a brand new harness made up for your old British classic?

Or do you want the latest technology in digital control and instrumentation?


We are able to create a new wiring loom or harnesses as well as modify new and old style electrical systems to suit your project.

Bespoke Builds

Every vehicle operates best combining  well designed and fabricated parts with a bespoke style towards a purpose.

If you have a vision of your what your dream machine should be then we encourage you to give direction on what you want your build to become. Or perhaps you like surprises? Then maybe you'd prefer to give us free license. 



Restoration comes in many guises and whilst some might prefer the prestine shine of polish & chrome, others prefer a more sympathetic look and feel. It's your ride so you tell us.


Not every part can be bought off the shelf and bolted to your machine. And sometimes what comes out the factory just doesn't quite cut it.
When that little bit extra is required to bridge the gap from imagination to reality, we got you.

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